Being a part of the nursing profession is prestigious and you portray yourself as someone engaged in helping the aged and the sick. But this does not lessen the need for career advancement by any measure, whatsoever. So, if you are an LPN, you may be looking forward to becoming an RN, because that would be the next level of natural progression. For this, the easiest possible option available to you is an LPN to Associates Degree in Nursing program to help you bridge or transition your career. This may facilitate the career path you desire to follow and fulfill your dreams.

Earn Your RN (Associate of Science Degree (AS) in Nursing)

Earn Your BSN (Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing)

Earn Your Paramedic to RN (AS) in Nursing

One of the nice things about earning your associates in nursing degree is that you should become eligible for the NCLEX®-RN exam. After passing it and getting your license to work as a registered nurse your career options will be greater. You can of course choose to go for a conventional classroom course, but the wiser choice may be to go for an online degree if you need more control over your schedule. Tips to keep in mind:

  • Take time out from your busy schedule and devote it to studies. Even with your best intentions, it may not be possible for you to attend all pre-scheduled classes of a conventional ADN course. An online course allows you to take lessons at your own pace.
  • Balance work, family and studies perfectly. Though your employer and family might fully appreciate the fact that you are trying to achieve something better in your career, they may not be too happy if you devote more and more time to studies. In an online course, you can weave your schedule around your nursing duty hours and also the time when your family needs you.
  • Understand complicated lessons properly, because you can go over the online study material repeatedly, until you grasp the meaning fully. In a classroom nursing course for an LPN to ADN this may not be possible.
  • Online courses may be cheaper than classroom courses (check with all schools of interest to find out total costs). Moreover, you save a lot more money in not having to commute from home or work to class everyday.

Remember that as opposed to a person who is just out of high school, you are not ignorant about the theory and practice of nursing. You know both fully well, having studied for and worked as an LPN. So, it is important that you make use of this mileage that you have gained in the field of nursing and pursue a transition program to get your ADN degree.

So, you do not have to spend 3 years, as it normally takes to complete an associates degree. A bridge program may only take you about a year or so (check all schools to confirm length of programs offered).

Tip: Take action and request information from schools of interest now to find a campus or online program to earn your associates degree and become an RN as quick as possible!

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